Defensive Driving Course Online Texas Printable Certificate Availability

For years, defensive driving in Texas has been an activity dominated by your everyday mail man.  Here at Defensive Driving TX, snail mail has been the only legal option for defensive driving certificates since the inception of the course.  If you’ve received a speeding ticket or citation in Texas before, you know what we’re talking about.  Inconvenience through mail has always been a part of defensive driving in Texas.  At least that’s been the case until now.  Defensive Driving course online printable certificate availability starts on November 1st in the state of Texas.  It’s approved by the TDLR!  If you complete you defensive driving course on or after November 1st, 2018, your certificate will be available to you to print out instantly from the leisure of your own home!

Defensive Driving Texas Email Certificates

Email certificates are a new part of the Texas Defensive Driving course here at Defensive Driving TX.  Once you have completed your course, a Defensive Driving Texas email certificate will be sent to the email recorded through the login of your defensive driving course.  This email typically sends within 10-20 minutes upon completion of the course.  Many times, it will arrive much sooner than that.  Once the certificate is received, simply print it out and mail it or bring it to your court of record.

How Long Does the Defensive Driving Texas Course Last?

All approved defensive driving courses in Texas are required by law to be a minimum of 6 hours long in length.  While 6 hours is 6 hours no matter how you slice it, Defensive Driving TX goes out of its way to make this course feel as fast as possible.  No one likes taking defensive driving, but it sure beats paying the full price of a ticket.  We try to make the course content as enjoyable as possible for our learners by using humor, video, and other interactive methods of teaching.  This is one of the biggest advantages the Defensive Driving course has when compared to other defensive driving courses.  Other online defensive driving schools and in person defensive driving schools can feel like a major chore!

Approved by All Texas Courts

Worried about the availability of our Defensive Driving course for your specific Texas court?  Fear not.  Defensive Driving TX is approved by all Texas courts.  Whether you’re in Travis county, Houston county, or somewhere else entirely, we’ve got you covered!  When we say all Texas courts, we mean ALL of them.  There isn’t a single court in Texas that won’t dismiss your ticket with an instant certificate of completion through email.

Take the Defensive Driving TX Course

Now that email certificates are available online, there’s really no reason not to take the Defensive Driving TX course.  With a low price of just $25 (lowest allowed by state law), you can be sure that there is no better, faster, or cheaper way to dismiss that annoying ticket.  Let’s get started!  There’s no better time to clear that fine and get back on the roadways with confidence!

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