Defensive Driving Course Details

TEA Approval Covers All Texas Courts

The paperwork you received from the court probably made it very clear that in order for your ticket to be dismissed, you would be required to take a certain type of defensive driving course. In the state of Texas, a course must be approved by the Texas Education Agency in order to qualify as a ticket dismissal course. No worries, we have you covered. We have worked very hard to meet all of the requirements of the TEA so that you won’t waste 6 hours of your valuable time or wind up with a nasty surprise when you head back to court.

Complete the Course at Your Pace

Our online course has been designed with your busy schedule in mind. We realize that with all you have to get done that setting aside 6 hours in a defensive driving classroom may be something you simply don’t have time to do. With an unlimited number of opportunities to sign in and out of your course, you can work on it whenever you have the chance, whether for a few hours or just for a few minutes. Better still, being able to access your defensive driving course online from virtually any internet enabled device, you can work not just any time, but from anywhere!

No Need to Go To a Classroom or Restaurant

Traditional defensive driving courses are held in a variety of locations, from church basements to bowling alleys to restaurants. Besides requiring you to find 6 hours to carve out of your schedule, there are other problems that may arise from taking your course in the classroom setting. Maybe you’ll find that the teacher is boring. Maybe the sounds of bowling pins being crashed into will make it hard for you to concentrate. Maybe one of your classmates will have horrible table manners. Whatever the case, doesn’t taking the course in the privacy of your own home sound like a better option?

Order Your Driving Record with the Course

We make it easy to order your driving record. Nearly every court in the state of Texas requires that you submit a copy of your driving record along with your other paperwork to fulfill your ticket dismissal requirements. The reason the court requires this step has to do with state law. Texas only allows drivers the opportunity to dismiss a ticket with defensive driving once every 12 months. A driving record reflecting completion of a course within the past 12 months will disqualify you from dismissal. Make sure you complete this important step. Order your driving record and we will deliver it along with your certificate of completion.

Video and Graphics Make Up Over Half of the Time

Afraid that your online defensive driving experience will be 6 hours of boring? Don’t worry! Having taken our share of defensive driving classes ourselves in the past, we have worked hard to make our course as painless as possible. We have made every effort to make the text engaging as well as informative and have broken up the reading with videos and infographics to keep you from falling asleep. In fact, more that half of the course is presented in these two formats, keeping your reading to a minimum. This is but one of the reasons that our course has become the fastest growing course in Texas. Join the thousands who have trusted us for their ticket dismissal needs and get started today!

Defensive Driving Online - Just $25

$25 is the lowest price allowed by law and will have your ticket dismissed!

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