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Texas Defensive Driving - Low Price Guarantee

Paying a fine and having your insurance rates increase makes getting a ticket a pricey proposition. The good news is that the Great State of Texas allows you to avoid both of these if you choose to dismiss that ticket by choosing to take a defensive driving course instead. Even better news: when you choose the course offered by, you can save even more. Thanks to our low price guarantee, you save money on the course itself. At only $25, you won’t find a lower price anywhere!

Expedited Certificate Delivery is Available

Is the due date for your certificate coming up faster than you remembered? Hey, we get it. We understand that, for most folks, taking defensive driving is pretty far down the old to-do list. After all, even if you have all of the fun stuff done, there’s probably still a root canal to get done or some wet paint to be watching somewhere.

If you complete your course by 1:00 PM on a non-holiday weekday, your certificate will be on its way to you that afternoon via US mail. If your paperwork is due back to the court right away, we also offer several options to get it to you on the double, including electronic, two day and overnight.

Getting Your TX DPS Driving Record is Simple

When you use defensive driving to dismiss a ticket, the court usually asks for you to submit a copy of your driving record. The reason this step is required is simple. Texas state law only offers drivers the opportunity to dismiss a ticket with defensive driving once every 12 months. The required copy of your driving record lets the court know that you’re not trying to pull a fast one, even though going fast is probably what brought you here in the first place!

Speaking of fast, has made getting your driving record fast as well. You can place your order before, during or after your course and it will arrive with your certificate. If you find out after your course that you need it, we can email or fax it to you so you can receive it in plenty of time. Make sure to take care of this important step as the court will refuse to dismiss your ticket without it.

Defensive Driving Online Saves Money

Between our low price guarantee and reducing the fine of your ticket, taking a course from will keep your money where it belongs, in your pocket. Even better, keeping a ticket off of your driving record will keep your premiums from going up. In fact, with many insurance companies, having defensive driving on your record may actually result in your premiums going down. Be sure to check with your insurance agent for the possibility of taking advantage of these extra savings.

If saving money sounds good to you, can you think of any reason not to get started on your course today?

Defensive Driving Online - Just $25

$25 is the lowest price allowed by law and will have your ticket dismissed!

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