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Need Defensive Driving in Texas?

It's just $25 to dismiss your ticket!
(Lowest Price Allowed By Law)

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Fastest Defensive Driving Course - Texas

Just about every only defensive driving course claims to be the fastest defensive driving course in Texas, and there is some truth to just about all claims.  The law says the minimum amount of time for a Texas ticket dismissal course is 6 hours.  That means that every online defensive driving course in Texas will be right around that 6 hour mark.  Texas has rules and requirements and these statutes have been put into place around Defensive Driving courses by the Texas senate.

Don't fret about getting pulled over, you've got a fast defensive driving course at your disposal!

Defensive Driving TX - 6 Hour Driving Course

Even though a 6 hour driving course is a 6 hour driving course no matter how you slice it, it certainly doesn’t have to feel like 6 hours and doesn't with this course. This is one of the biggest advantages that we advise readers on here at Defensive Driving Texas.

There are so many advantages to online offers when taking your defensive driving course as opposed to a traditional classroom method. Classroom teachers and defensive driving courses don't offer a lot of advantages and really aren't all that forgiving.  When you dose off in a classroom, you're likely to take a berating from the teacher, or worse, get thrown out of the course and be forced to take it all over again.  Another advantage of online coursework is that students are given room to breathe.  Need a nap?  Take a break.  The online instructor certainly isn't going to care when you log off and take advantage of the moment.

Defensive Driving Texas Online - $25

A Defensive Driving Texas online course is usually only on the mind if you're looking for ticket dismissal in Texas or an insurance discount!  Texas doesn't just regulate the course time for defensive driving.  Texas is one of the stranger states in the union in that it regulates a price floor for defensive driving courses. The state does this in an effort to maintain the quality of overall instruction.  Driving safely is important and good quality requires at least a little cost or else everything will be barebones.

$25 is the MINIMUM price allowed by law for defensive driving course in Texas.  Most online courses cost $25.  We too charge $25 for our defensive driving course and  bring good quality that we are proud of for a fair price.

Driving safely is an important part of our everyday lives, so the state of Texas has taken steps to ensure safe driving habits.  These regulations are an important part of online driving courses and their instruction statewide.

Take Our Defensive Driving Texas Course for just $25

Defensive Driving Online

Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone Compatible

We know that defensive driving  Texas courses can be a real pain in the neck.  For that reason, Defensive Driving TX takes every step possible to try and make your 6 hours with us fly by. We have developed our defensive driving Texas course to be accessible on practically any computer, tablet or smartphone.  Our defensive driving course is available to you at anytime and it's right in the palm of your hand.

Whenever and wherever you find yourself with a little time to kill, you can log in to your defensive driving course and edge your way closer to completion. Got a coffee break? Cool, looks like you've got time to knock out some more of your online course. Waiting for the bell to ring so you can pick up the kids from school? Awesome, there goes another chapter of defensive driving curriculum. Willing to give up your “quick round” of Candy Crush? Good for you. Looks like your course will be done with Defensive Driving ?TX before you know it!

Defensive Driving TX Courses

Guaranteed Pass/No Final Exam

100% guaranteed to pass.

Most defensive driving Texas courses work just like they did in school.  You either pass or you fail and that's the end of the story. Whether in the classroom or online, you will be required to retake your defensive driving course. Defensive Driving Texas.  Our course comes with a pass guaranteed seal for a reason.

Students receive a ton of information throughout the class and are expected to remember and retain enough of it to pass a larger test at upon completion of the course.

We help our students by making things easier. Instead of one big final exam, we put a 10 question quiz at the end of each unit. What’s more, we have a review video immediately prior to each of the quizzes that lets you know exactly what you’ll need to know to be successful on the quiz. Moreover, if for some reason you don’t succeed, we even give you the opportunity to “try, try again” until you do.

Take Our Defensive Driving Texas Course for just $25

Need Defensive Driving in Texas?

It's just $25 to dismiss your ticket!
(Lowest Price Allowed By Law)

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Defensive Driving TX

Insurance Discount Certificate Included

Our pass guaranteed defensive driving TX course offers the potential to not only save money on your ticket, but on your insurance as well. When you complete your course, we will be sending you not one, but two copies of your certificate. The first, of course, is the one you will submit to the court to enable you to dismiss your ticket. The second is one you can submit to your insurance agent. Many insurance companies offer premium discounts for clients who complete a defensive driving course, believing that a more defensive driver will be less likely to have an accident. Dismissing a ticket with defensive driving will not only keep your insurance rate from going up, the second certificate may actually make your rate go down. Choosing our course may not just save you money, it might make you money as well!

Defensive Driving with Unlimited Breaks

Who doesn't love a good nap in the middle of a course?

One of the big advantages in choosing an online defensive driving course instead of taking one in a traditional classroom setting is because you can customize it to your schedule, no matter how hectic your schedule might be. Face it, in today’s hustle and bustle world, very few people have six hours they can give up, especially to take care of something that may not even necessarily want to do. With our online course, you can move in and out of the course as often as you wish, allowing you to work on it in the time you have, whether hours or just minutes at a time. And, with the ability to use a cell phone or tablet, those minutes or hours can be spent wherever you are.

Texas Family Owned Defensive Driving Online

Texan family owned and proud of it! "Hook em!"

Every day, more and more Texans are choosing our course to make their traffic tickets go away .  That makes us really flattered.  As a family of natural born Texans, nothing makes us happier than creating a space where our neighbors can safely and easily take care of a burden in there lives.

There are many reasons that our defensive driving course has become so popular with Texans.

We've found that our customers really enjoy the ability to move in and out of the course whenever they like, truly making it fit into their schedules, no matter how hectic they may be.  Our customers also appreciate the convenience of being able to use virtually any internet enabled to device to access their course.  The benefit here is twofold as it allows them to work not just whenever but wherever they have a moment.

Having taken defensive driving courses ourselves over the years, we have made every effort to make the delivery of the information itself as pain free as possible. Using a blend of text and video, you will never get bored as you move through, making that state required 6 hours feel shorter than it really is. We would love for you to be a part of our continued growth and would welcome the opportunity to serve you as your neighbor.

Take Our Defensive Driving Texas Course for just $25

Customer Service

We're Here for You!

Besides offering one of the most entertaining and user-friendly online defensive driving courses available, we go one better with our outstanding customer service. If you run into an issue within the course or have a question about how the court or certificate process works, give us a call at 817-577-8854. We'll get you back going on your course before you know it!

Need Defensive Driving in Texas?

It's just $25 to dismiss your ticket!
(Lowest Price Allowed By Law)

Start Defensive Driving Today